Brenna Edwards

Full Name

Brenna Louise Edwards


Mrs. Edwards (mother) Mr. Edwards (father) Lily Edwards (sister) Grace Edwards (sister)


Amy Samuels (BFF) Kelsey Cork (BFF) Blaire (Good Friend)


Tess Samuels

Hair Color

Dirty Blonde

Eye Color


Portrayed By


Tail Color

Rainbow (formely) Yellow (currently)

First Appearance

Season 1 Episode 6 Fishy Trouble

Last Appearance

N/A Series Finale maybe?

Brenna Edwards==

Brenna is the second person to become mermaid. She was the new girl in her street. In season 1,episode 8, she followed Amy (thinking she was a random mermaid) to the waterfall in the cave.

Brenna had a tail change in the season three premiere from rainbow to yellow, with a power changed from controlling weather so now she can heat water and create fire. When Brenna meets Kelsey, they don't exactly get along at first, but they learn to become best buds!

Brenna 1

In Season 3 episode 7 Brenna witnesses a solar eclipse which causes her to Hulk out when she gets mad. Then all of a sudden, Brenna's younger sister, Lily, disappers. The first time was when Amy and kelsey won't let her find her sister. During the first one Amy sprays Brenna with water which knocked Brenna out. When she woke she couldn't remember her experience. It has been like that ever since. But they find her.
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